Sunday, March 3, 2013



How do you not look at this face without laughing?  Caroline LOVES life.  She is always looking for a good time whether it is:  
a morning talk with Grace

playing cars with cousins and uncles

going for a little drive

or adoring Baby "Ro"

or acting silly with daddy.

Caroline has big things happening in her life.  The potty is starting to come along.  I think she has finally gotten the swing of things.  We have a minor set back with the flu and going #2 in the potty but I am sure she will be back at it in no time.

Her speech is coming along very nicely too.  She is starting to form sentences and just today Grace said, "Mama, I think Caroline can say whatever she wants."  Her new favorite things to ask when someone leaves is ""(name of the person), come back?"  All while pushing her shoulders up and down in a questioning way.  

Caroline is signed up and ready to start preschool in the Fall.  To say we are a little nervous is putting it lightly.  Grace was more than ready for school and was ready for school and wanted to learn all she could.  Caroline may be our little social butterfly when it comes to school.  I know she will do great and will certainly provide some good teacher lounge stories.  

Caroline is anxiously awaiting the arrival of "Udson."  She likes to pat my belly and say, "Hi, Udson" and give him a kiss  The other night she was cuddled up on my lap and Hudson was kicking.  She looked at my belly and said, "Udson, op it!"  They are going to be best of friends I know!  

Next month brings a tonsillectomy so start sending your prayers our way!

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