Monday, October 10, 2016


Nothing is better in Caroline's world than kindergarten!  She loves every second of every day that she is at school and the days she is not at school she is thinking about going to school!  In fact one evening in her anger she said, "That's it I'm moving in with Mrs. Dailey!"  Caroline's favorite part about kindergarten is when she gets to be Mrs. Dailey's helper.  When she is the helper she gets to wear a special bracelet and be the bathroom monitor, line leader, paper passer and do anything Mrs. Dailey needs done.  She has even decided that for Halloween she is going to dress up at "Mit Daywe."  I love to see her so excited about school.  It makes my teacher heart burst with pride!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Evans Scholar in the Making

Caroline decided this summer that she wanted to learn to play golf like Uncle Chris.  She joined the junior golf program at Cyote Creek Golf Club and it was a hit!  She even won the chipping contest one week.  The final week they went on the golf course and played 3 holes.  On one hole Caroline "eagled" the whole with a long put.  She says she plans to golf again next year.  I'm secretly hoping her new hobby will help to pay for a part of her college.

Loco for Poco

We lived and breathed the pool this summer.  Caroline began learning to swim and by the end of the summer she was able to swim in the 3 feet end WITHOUT her floaties!  She is hoping to take swim lesson over the winter so she can swim in the deep end next summer on her own.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Preschool Graduate

Caroline has conquered preschool and she has loved every minute of it!  Caroline spent the majority of her year at the paint easel.  Now when we drive by Sonrise Caroline announce that it is not her school anymore.  Now she goes to Lincoln.  The graduation ceremony was great.  She marched into the graduation march, proudly sang her songs, announced that she wanted to be a Police Woman she grew and smiled for a few photo opportunities.  We are forever grateful to the Sonrise teachers for helping to shape Caroline into the young girl she is becoming.

The Spring Recital

This year's recital amazed me.  I was so proud of both of the girls.  Caroline had a challenging piece and I remember the first night we practiced I thought to myself, "Miss Anni wants her to play this?"  Caroline rose to the challenge and full of poise and confidence hopped up on that bench and player her heart out!

Grace was a bit nervous about her violin piece this time around. She was nervous that she might mess up and people would notice.  I tried to give a little pep talk and tell her that I do not know many 7 year olds who can play two musical instruments.  As she put her violin on her shoulder and began to play I held my breath and was astonished at how far she has come with the violin.  The sound was beautiful and her smile was even more beautiful.

This year the girls had two special guests: Aunt DG and Mrs. Van Cott.  It was a treat to spend the afternoon with them.  The girls were overjoyed with the beautiful flowers that Mrs. Van Cott brought for them.

We are taking a small break this summer and then will be be back to Asecendo to spend our Monday nights starting in the Fall.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Kindergarten here she comes!

This is what the Class of 2029 looks like!  Caroline has started the countdown to kindergarten.  She is registered and ready to go!  I think we will enjoy some pool time first though.

Easter 2016

This was the year that Caroline began to comprehend the Easter Story.  After having Bible Theatre at preschool and making a tomb craft she was excited to retell the story to Emmy after school.  The story went something like this:  "Jesus had to go in that cave.  They put the BIG stone.  And then in 2 days they go to get Jesus and He not there!  This cloth is there."  When she was asked where Jesus was she said "He Alive!"  What more do you need folks?  That is child-like faith at its finest!